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Video Domination for SEO

April 10th, 2009  April 10th, 2009

When SEO or search engine optimisation first became a concept, strategies were all about linking and increasing traffic. Now you still need the links and you still need the traffic, but there are better ways to get them.

Buying up all the links on the internet is no longer helpful. In fact it could be very hurtful to your site. This is one of the reasons why Google is allowing website creators to use YouTube videos to gain SEO prominence, therefore high rankings.

Let’s take a look at some statistics. There is a new video uploaded every minute. To give this some perspective, Hollywood would have to release 57,000 full length movies every week to keep up with the amount of videos being put onto YouTube. Furthermore, of the videos being uploaded about 80 million videos are being watched a day on the YouTube site. With an average of 200,000 videos being up loaded in a day, the odds that a video will help you gain prominence are very dicey.

Yes, posting a video will help, but it is the method of posting that will help you. Did you know that Google has a maximum of two videos they display on page one for organic search results? That’s right. These videos that are displayed have something to do with the keywords they target, and therefore they are very important to how your page will be ranked in the results.

It is a challenge, but if done correctly you, your webpage, and your video will be where they are going to get you traffic. You get the rankings, the links, the position to knock a competitor down, and you can have a subscriber to your video channel.
The first tip is to have a 3 minute long video. It will be smaller in size and therefore easier to download. Most videos average about 2 minutes and 28 seconds. The top videos are under a minute thirty right now. So short videos get more views, more popular video means more views, more popular the more comments and bookmarks, the more comments the more links, i.e. your video will soon lead you to the Google Page Rank you need to be at.

It may seem like a vicious cycle, and in truth it is. You have to keep producing something new to get the search engines attention, otherwise one day you are up, the next you are down.

Interview: Matt Mullenweg, lead developer and head of bug creation at Wordpress

September 5th, 2007  September 5th, 2007

Interview with Matt Mullenweg – Lead Developer and Head of Bug Creation –

[Mike] Matt, thanks for taking the time to provide the Voisd Webmaster Blog readers with and insight into your background and the workings of Wordpress. As the number one most important Matt in the world (according to Google) and the sixteenth most important person on the web (according to PC World) you are also the founding developer of Wordpress, the blogging software that runs hundreds of thousands of websites around the world. Aged at just 22 you own what could well be considered as the majority software share of the blogging community – where did you find the inspiration for this project and did you ever think that Wordpress would ever reach the popularity it has done in such a very short space of time? Did you ever dream that aged just 22 you could have made such an impact on the internet world?

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Web Marketing - The Key to Successful Link Building

August 29th, 2007  August 29th, 2007

Having a website is important, but having a website your customers can find is critical to the success of your online business. A tried and tested method for improving search engine rankings is through a gradual increase of inbound links.

As I’m sure many webmasters are aware, Google regards inbound links as one of the most important factors in determining a site’s page rank. But many misunderstand the key to a successful web marketing campaign.

People try to get as many links as possible as soon as their site or marketing campaign goes live, and many fail as a result. People try all the scams in the book to boost page rank, and consequently get kicked out of Google. Put simply – time and research is the key to successful link building.

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Voisd webmaster blog gains top google rank!

August 2nd, 2007  August 2nd, 2007

Having only been live for a couple of months, the Voisd Webmaster Blog is still a very new and growing webmaster blog. We have very slowly and gradually added some quality content and will continue to expand on the informative content and subject matter relating to webmaster, computer and internet issues.

Most noticably our proudest achievement thus far has been a high ranking in Google for the search term ‘webmaster blog‘ - currently ranked in 3rd position (out of 74,400,000 results). Currently holding a PR4 (prior to the August Google PR update) we hope to retain or improve upon this ranking whist also increasing the PR of our root domain webmaster directory.

In terms of the near future, we have two further interviews; one with Matt Mullenweg - founding developer of Wordpress; one with Jeff owner of many projects including the well known and promoted Aviva Directory.

Interview: Text Link Ads

July 2nd, 2007  July 2nd, 2007

Interview with Patrick Gavin, President of Text Link Ads –

[Mike] Patrick, thank you for taking the time to provide our readers with an insight into the background and operation of Text Link Ads. You are the President and co founder of TLA, a pay per click management system that you founded and have been operating since 2003. Your introduction to the world of SEO marketing was in 2000 when you helped develop your reclaimed brick and stone business online – this lead to your understanding of the importance of backlinks which progressed into the concept for TLA. Needless to say TLA is quite a jump from reclaimed brick and stone, did you ever think your SEO knowledge would progress so quickly and was the concept of TLA something you conceived when you realised the importance of backlinks or did it take some time and a lot of thought and planning for the text link ads concept to become fully developed?

[Patrick] It definitely took time to evolve. We started up as a pure PPC management shop in 2001 and once we started offering PPC services these same clients were interested in SEO. We found that the secret to SEO was finding ways to get links to our clients sites and came across the practice of purchasing links. At the time there was not a central marketplace bringing together advertisers and publishers who were interested in buying and selling static html links so we evolved into in 2003. We started off by doing everything by hand and then took our processes and built a custom technology around them which allowed for the business to really take off.

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